Tom Patton has recovered millions of dollars for his clients from insurance companies, trucking companies, airlines, and corporations. Here are just a few results obtained on behalf of Tom Patton’s clients:
• $1,309,000 for wrongful death for a passenger killed in an auto accident
• $55,000 for client injured when she slipped and fell on a floor coated in paint stripper
• $135,000 for a pedestrian struck in a crosswalk
• $400,000 for a truck driver struck by a forklift
• $38,484 in an auto versus auto accident case
• $138,500 in semi-truck versus pick-up truck accident
• $79,000 in underinsured motorist case, auto versus auto accident
• $32,500 in semi-truck versus auto accident
• $40,000 in rear-end auto versus auto accident
• $48,021 when client injured by pharmacist’s prescription
• $70,000 in semi-truck versus auto accident
• $300,000 in semi-tractor trailer versus pick-up truck accident
• $500,000 (Oregon statutory maximum) in a wrongful death case, semi-truck versus pedestrian accident
• $100,000 in an auto versus pedestrian accident
• $100,000 in an auto versus bicyclist accident
• $45,000 when client injured by pharmacist’s prescription
• $36,875 for client injured by a trip and fall on the sidewalk
• $76,000 for client injured when knocked down by parking attendant
• $50,000 in an auto versus motorcycle accident
• $50,000 in an auto versus scooter accident
• $138,000 for a bicyclist struck by a car
• $145,000 for a back injury suffered by driver t-boned in an auto accident
• $500,000 for a worker injured by a falling lift-gate

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